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Video Slots with Stacked Wilds

Updated 20th April, 2024

Although having a free spins bonus is a priority for a lot of slots players, it's nice to have some extra features to keep the entertainment level high. One of my favourites is the Stacked Wild feature which not only makes slots play a little more interesting, but also increases the potential for some very big wins. If you can find a stacked wild slot which also has big free spin multipliers like the Dungeons & Dragons slot by IGT or one of my own favourites, Great Blue by Playtech then even better!

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I am sure most Slotunkies will be familiar with the concept of stacked wild slots, or expanding wild games for that matter, but for those of who aren't, below is a brief explanation of how they work. For players who are already up on this, check out the video slots pictured below to see some videos of games with stacked of expanding wilds that can be played online.

The stacked wild is essentially a wild symbol that can cover up to an entire reel when it drops. They are normally in bands of 3 or 4 symbols as a result and on some video slots they appear on every reel, while on others they are set on specific reels. The slots where you get stacked wilds on every reel are normally high variance but are also the slots where you could really land a whale of a spin - rare though it may be! Some online slots have stacked wilds exclusively in the free spins bonus feature, but when you combine these with increased multipliers as is invariably the case, again the potential for a big win is significantly increased.

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The concept of Expanding wilds is similar, except rather than seeing the wilds drop in blocks of 3 or 4 symbols, you get a single wild symbol that, when it lands in view, expands to cover the entire reel. There isn't much difference between the potential for big wins offered between slots with stacked wilds and those with expanding wilds. Both are good! My favourite slots with stacked wilds are probably those like Iron Man that form part of the Playtech Marvel Slots series along with The Hulk which has expanding wilds - well worth checking those out.

Online Slots with Stacked Wilds in the Base Game

When you mouse over each of the slot video images above, you will see what type of wild it has - either stacked or expanding - and whether it appears in regular game play or just in the free spins feature. You will also see the software platform the slot game appears on which in turn correlates to the casinos listed to the right. If you are living in the USA, then at present you are much more limited in your choice of games and casinos.

For everyone else, you may want to download a casino relevant to the software that your selected game appears on. You can see a list of all the games and casinos on a specific platform - for example Playtech slots are listed here - by following the software links in the left hand menu at the top of the page. You will see not only those slots with stacked wilds or expanding wilds, but all slots on the given platform along with lists of some of the best online casinos that have that software.

Please remember that stacked wild slots tend to be higher risk so don't bet too high at first - learn how the slot works and then determine a sensible betting level. It's all well and good going for that monster win, but if your money runs out first it is ultimately frustrating at times.