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Online Slot Gaming Resources

Not that you need to go anywhere else for your slot gaming information of course but there are a lot of good resources out there to suplement the games listed on Slotjunkies. On this page I'll point out a few of the better ones and some of those which I also contribute data and information towards.

Unique Slot Sites

There are a ton of slots related websites out there, many of which offer free games (see below) but there are a couple that are truly unique. The first of those is Slots Comparer which allows you to find slots that have all of the features you like or instead, you can enter your favorite games and get a list of clones and near-identical games. Not based on theme but on gameplay. It's a truly unique resource you won't find anywhere else.

Also pretty unique is the Slotseek Slots Search Engine which as the name suggests allows you to enter your favorite slot and get a list of online casinos that have it. That is accompanied by a lot of data on the casino too including cashout times and full game lists.

Free Slots Sites

If you want to play some free slot games then there are a couple of good options depending on what you want. Bear in mind though that most online casinos will allow you to play their games in demo mode which may be better if you don't mind the hard sell alongside the games!

For those that prefer something quick and casual, a lot of the big name games can be found at the Online Casinos of Vegas website ("OCV"). This has plenty of well-known Vegas slots from IGT & WMS among others and is about the only place on the web where Americans can play the immensely popular Cleopatra slot from IGT. It also has "Wolf Run", Raging Rhino, Wizard Of Oz and plenty more: it's a simple but very popular site. Online players can also play some free RTG slots at the "Free Slots For Fun" site, althugh these games are not quite as well-known.

If forums are your thing and you like a bit of community chat, then the excellent Casinomeister forum is the only place to be. There is a thriving player community and a lot of the focus of threads is online slots play. I've hung out there ever since I started playing and it can get as addictive as the slots themselves!

Help With Gambling Addiction

It would be remiss of me not to recognise that slots are one of the most addictive forms of gambling, although most players with a problem don't recognise it. I couldn't start to preach on that front, but all I will say is if you experience negativity or worry over finances, or get angry at yourself for losing, then you ought to at least consider if there is a problem in the making.

Irrespective of where you live, you should check out the Institute of Ontario's problem gambling quiz, nine questons to help you decide for yourself if you are - or have the potential to be - a problem gambler.

Optionally, if you are American you can visit the NCP website (see below). The obvious alternative, irrespective of your country of residence, are sites like Gamblers Anonymous, a few of whose sites are listed below. It does no harm to read and recognise the signs and these sites can help:

» National Council on Problem Gambling (USA)
» Responsible Gambling Council (Canada)

» Gamblers Anonymous (USA)
» Gamblers Anonymous (UK)

» Gamblers Anonymous (Australia)
» Gamblers Anonymous (Ireland)