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RTG Real Series Slots

An Introduction

If you have ever played RTG's Real Series video slots, you will already know that they contain a wealth of features and free spin bonuses that can leave you feeling a little dazed and confused. In this article, I'll try to alleviate some of the pressure by explaining how some of the best ones work, which have the best bonus rounds and how variance (or volatility) is a major factor in these excellent slots. For information, I primarily play at iNetBet or Club USA casino.

Also before I start, a number of these games including Cleopatra's Gold and Aztecs Treasure are available to play for fun on the freeslots site in Flash - so no download or registration required. It's a bit cheaper than playing for real lol! You can access the full range of slots from the home page if you want specific information on each game.

To start off, it is important to understand that you will have a perception generally of not doing so well on RTG slots as others like Microgaming or Playtech games. The reason for this is not the RTP: it's the "variance" or "volatility" of the games. RTG's Real Series slots also have "Random Jackpots" which can be won at any bet size, although the more you bet per spin, the more quickly you are likely to hit it.

Finally, it has been asserted by several operators that these games have one of 3 RTP settings which are applied across the board: 91.5%, 95% or 97%. Most if not all of the RTG casinos listed on Slotjunkies have the 95% option, so they have told me.

RTG Real Series Slots vs Other Slots Providers

If you are used to Microgaming slots, you'll probably enjoy RTG's Real Series slots just as much. It took me a while to find them, but now I play them as much as I play my favourite Thunderstruck slot to be honest. Why? Because, although they play a bit slower and don't have as many denomination increments at which to wager, the range of free spins options is impressive. Every one of the Real Series slots has a "free spins" bonus, some harder to hit that others.

The key for me is the versatility of the Real Series slot games. These offer low risk, high risk, different types of triggers and varying features within the bonus rounds to increase the spins. Some of the slots offer 25, 50 or even 100 free spins with multipliers of up to 10x which takes some beating.

So Where To Start?

Let's start with my favourite RTG slots, and yes, I've played them all! If I am feeling in a low-risk mood and want a longer session, I start off on either the excellent Achilles Slot or the Caesar's Empire slot. The former has two sets of "scatters" which trigger the free spins bonus, ranging from 10 spins at 2x multiplier to 25 spins at 3x. Additionally, one of the scatter symbols also doubles up as a "Wild" symbol, not unlike the slightly higher risk Ronin slot, another favourite. On Caesar's Empire, the free spins bonus only offers 10 spins at 2x BUT it gives you extra spins during the bonus round when a scatter appears - any number from 1 to 5 - which can really increase it dramatically. Both are an excellent place to start.

If you fancy a little more risk, then the aforementioned Ronin is a very good slot with a "random" bonus round: either 3-9 "respins" at 3x with a "wild symbol" covering all of Reel 3, or a "5 spin bonus" where the multiplier increases by 1 each spin, up to 5x obviously. But the best one is the "25 free spins at 3x" which can be very lucrative. Which one you get is random. An alternative is the Egyptian themed slot, Cleaopatra's Gold which is like Microgaming's Thunderstruck model in that the free spins are triggered by three scatters appearing anywhere and you get 15 at 3x.

Also worth a mention in this section is the entertaining Prince Of Sherwood slot which offers up to 25 free spins at 6x. The only downside is that the scatters have to appear left-to-right on the reels - you need 3 to trigger the bonus - but it does happen surprisingly frequently. The bonus round on Prince Of Sherwood comprises two parts: the first where arrows are shot at a target to award a "bonus" prize up to 100 times the triggering bet, plus then you normally get a shot at the target to determine how many free spins and the multiplier. I normally get 10 - 15 spins at 2x or 3x, but you get up to 25 at 6x if you're lucky. It's a good game but note you can't retrigger the feature.

Taking A Risk

In the higher risk category, there are two slots which stand out. No doubt the toughest is Rain Dance. this can wipe your bankroll pretty quickly on a bad day, but look out for up to 100 free spins at 5x for 5 scatters!!! And there are some big payoffs for 5-of-a-kind too. So it's high variance, but when you hit, you hit big! It's quite hard to get the free spins bonus by the way, despite the fact when you get 2 scatters (or wilds) in view, the other 3 reels re-spin to try and get you the crucial 3rd or 4 or 5 even. But it's tough!

The other high risk slot I play and enjoy is the entertaining Aztec's Treasure slot. Once again the free spins are triggered by 3 or more scatters appearing anywhere, and you get 5, 15 or 25 free spins depending on whether you get 3, 4 or 5 scatters. The multiplier is x3 and like most RTG slots (except Prince Of Sherwood), the free spins can retrigger. Additionally, for every scatter that appears during the free spins, you get an extra free spin. The downside is that there is no monetary award for scatters. But I can live with that.

Other RTG Slots Worth mentioning

Of the other RTG Real Series slots, I sometimes play the medium risk Penguin Power slot. I'm not mad on the graphics, but with 3 random scatters triggering the free spins, and extra free spins possible during the bonus round, I've found it can be quite lucrative at times. Another slot I dabble with is Diamond Dozen. This one has a free spins bonus (12 at 2x) triggered by 3 or more "blue diamond" scatters appearing left-to-right but it also has a "white diamond" scatter, 3 or more of which anywhere reveal a multiplier on the triggering bet, up to 1,000x the wager. It's fun and the bonuses occur fairly regular - it's just the theme that tends to bore me after a while.

Two more I have got into recently are Outta This World and Mister Money. The former is quite high variance in actual fact - you really need the bonus round to come away in profit I find and it's triggered only on reels 2 and 4. But the bonus pays well in general, usually with 10, 15 or 20 free spins at 2x, though I have had 25. Mister Money has two ways to enter the bonus round and I find it happens reasonably regularly. Additionally, there are some good wins to be had in "normal" play without the aid of free spins. Both are now regulars on my RTG slot list.


Before concluding, a quick word about the "Random Jackpots". People ask whether they hit more frequently at higher stakes. The answer is "no" according to an ex-RTG software developer who posted the now-deleted information on Casinomeister some years back.

There are plenty more slots in the series, each with weird and wonderful free spin bonus rounds, but those above provide a good cross-section of the RTG Real Series slots and I'd start there. Hopefully you will enjoy them and find them in a good mood, but be warned - they can get nasty! Simmo!.

Full List of RTG Real Series Slots