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I've been playing online slots for some 5 years or more now with lots of lows, some decent highs ($50,000 on one occasion!) and frankly there aren't many slots on the Internet I haven't played at one time or another. I'm UK based which gives me a few more options, and some pretty decent casino brands to play too, so my background is the good old pub fruit machine - 3 feels , feature boards and nudges. The good old days.

But things progress and I'm a Vegas style slot convert. I find the old 3 reelers boring as hell now, not to mention that the payout percentages are well below the online slot games and there is a rather stronger suggestion that they are fixed! Certainly less random in the true sense of the word.

Nowadays I'm used to free spins slots, 5 reels and an average 95% expected return. I love "high variance" - I like a risk and that's what you get with those. Low variance (lower risk) slots give you more game time, but you can't beat the adrenaline rush of a monster win, even if you have to wait a looooong time.

Slotjunkies [.net]

Slotjunkies [.net] is the culmination of my efforts to show new potential online players what to expect from online slots. It's a newer version of the older and no-longer maintained Slotjunkies.info website, my original slots site, bringing in videos and more information on gameplay.

I remember being totally confused by the vast array of games when I first started playing, especially when most were the old style UK 3 reelers. This site will take you through a series of videos of the best slots, show you how they work and tell you where you can play them online, safely.