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Marilyn Monroe: My Opinion

When I saw that Playtech were releasing the Marilyn Monroe game, I have to admit I was quite excited. Not because I have any particularly odd Marilyn Monroe fixation but because it is a slightly adapted clone of my favorite Playtech slot Great Blue meaning stacked wilds and big free spin multipliers! Lovely jubbly!

So when it initially appeared I was straight in there but unfortunately I found that the mechanics of the game were a bit screwed up and you had to wait for every win to count up before you could do another spin. This made Marilyn Monroe somewhat of an uglier proposition than the real-life person so I reported it to the casino and went on my way.

Two weeks on and thankfully, Playtech have fixed this and it plays as it should. And now I've played it myself I am totally... on the fence! Yes, it's got the stacked wilds on all reels, the free spin multipliers up to 10x and even the chance of more free spins in the feature (45) but the game just feels a bit...languid. It doesn't quite generate the same adrenaline rush that Great Blue does and it's actually a bit more akin to Penguin Vacation in style.

I'm being a bit churlish here to be honest as it's clearly designed to appeal to a more feminine audience or die-hard Marilyn fans and the engine that drives it is very very good if you like volatile games. But the clicky reels, the rather cliche'd Marilyn Monroe soundbites and the lack of visual stimulae make it a fairly dull game without hitting the free spin feature regularly. Compared to another big-name franchise, the John Wayne (Playtech)Playtech that recently appeared is more interesting.

So overall, the Marilyn Monroe does add something to Playtech's slots inventory and when it is rolled out to all licencees I expect I'll dabble with it but for me, Great Blue still wins my custom hands-down.

Marilyn Monroe slot reviewed by Simmo for Slotjunkies

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