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Atlantis Queen: My Opinion

The Atlantis Queen slot from Playtech is pretty much the same game as Gladiator but wrapped up in the mythical undersea theme of Atlantis and Neptune. There are a couple of subtle differences to the mechanics that I'll come to in a second but the game-play is identical.

Atlantis Queen has the same two bonus features: a free spin bonus which can award extra scatter symbols and extra wilds, plus a reveal 'em style feature where you get 9 monetary awards, each worth up to 3x your triggering bet. Both these features are shown in the video above with a pretty decent 150x payout as it happens.

The two minor mechanical differences I referred to are pretty meaningless to game play. Firstly, in Gladiator, when you get the 3 wild symbols show up (these only appear on the middle 3 reels), they algn before triggering the 'reveal 'em' feature. In Atlantis Queen they simply don't align but you still get the feature. Actually, there is a 3rd minor change, this time in sound. The scatters use the same dull thud you find on the scatters in the Panther Moon slot rather than the somewhat better ones heard on Gladiator.

The other minor change is that in Gladiator's free spin feature, the scatters expand to fill each each reel they appear on (when awarded) - in Atlantis Queen, they don't but you still get the same award. It's also worth noting that this expanding scatter feature has now also been incorporated into the John Wayne (Playtech)Playtech aswell and that is actually one of the better, newer games too.

Other than that then whether you prefer Atlantis Queen or Gladiator is just personal preference. For me, either is good. I should probably point out too that in both games, you aren't guaranteed to get expanding scatters or extra wilds in the free spins. Tends to be about 1 in 3 times you get them. And you need them to get a good hit quite honestly. But that's the nature of a low/medium volatility game: it's designed to go easier on big wins and give you more smaller ones to keep you playing longer.

Atlantis Queen slot reviewed by Simmo for Slotjunkies

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